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CFA Community Engagement Forum 3/8/13 Twitter hashtag traffic

CFA Community Engagement Forum 3/8/13 Twitter hashtag traffic
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This is page 1 of the forum. For page 2, held on the 4/8/13, please click here.

The forum was held in Bendigo, in the function room at All Seasons Hotel, with many important speakers and guests travelling. The room was full, although Daniel Eshuis did manage to find a single abandoned chair to sit in.

The forum was tweeted about on Twitter by many participants. Outside people followed the hashtag #CFAengage and contributed to the public discussion. I would like to see CFA use their own resources to expand their message to those 'outside the room' by using live-streaming. I would recommend some kind of official Twitter presence too.

From each of these tweets, various sub-conversations occurred. I did not attempt to capture these. You can follow conversations by examining the hashtag on Twitter. Conversations on Twitter can be disjointed - a thread may be picked up again several tweets later.

For tweets from the second day of the conference (4/8/13), please click here.

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