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Test post, please ignore

Test post, please ignore.
Created: 11th May 2014

This post is just to test of the formatting function of the postach.io parser.
I've been having a little trouble with line feeds not showing up. The postach.io team have been trying to help me overcome this problem. They've made some adjustments to the parser and we hope that everything is sorted out now.
Just so that everyone feels better about this, here is a picture of a cat:
I thought I'd better put some bullet points in, so:
  • This has been one of many tests.
  • I thank you for your patience.
  • I don't know why you're reading this rubbish.
  • These bullet points are all duds.
"I can't stress enough how important it is to test every part of the parser." - Brad Lemon, today.
There is no point in doing a partial test, so we'll just throw in a couple of curly ones to try to trick the formatting:
Some of the content on the blog is tricky for the parser to interpret. I'm fond of throwing in formatting changes, to make content stand out, and to break it up. It can be boring to read a whole, long piece of boring test. And there is no more boring a test than writing nonsense just to please an editor. I will admit the postach.io software is great, when it's all working correctly. It's much easier to drive than other blogs because I simply edit a document in Evernote, and tag it 'published'. Postach.io does all the indexing and presents it in a very nice format.

But wait, there's more (text).
This guy has too much time on his hands:
Thanks for putting up with this silly post. The parser is working fine. We can all get back to work now. Why are you still reading this? Gosh, that's desperate...

Testing Soundcloud Widget

Installing soundcloud into postach.io blog.

20/9/13 We're pushing the boundaries of the blog - please bear with me folks, while the good people at postach.io have a look at the issue. You can listen, if you like. But if you click through to the post it won't display yet, sorry. Hope to get the widget working right quickly ~ Brad.

22/09/2013 5:38 PM Fixed! On the weekend! I know, I can hardly believe it either - but the team at postach.io heard my plea, and jumped into their pyjamas and hit the keyboard. They produced this within 48hrs, and we were working in opposite time zones - if I had responded to email traffic while I was sleeping, it would have been fixed faster! It's Sunday. I find this amazing. These people are dedicated!

We now have the ability to embed sound! No, you can't hear much while I'm working - that's the point, it's nice and quiet, even with three of us working here. Wait until summer, when the fire traffic is running. I'll leave this post here, and in summer, I will record the noise at my desk. The difference will be remarkable. Check back in January ;)

A big thank you to the team at postach.io, who pulled through for us. They delivered.

Brad Lemon
22nd September, 2013.

Update: January 2014. As promised, here is the noise at my desk in Summer:

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